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HSC400 HYUNDAI SMART CHARGER (x 1 unit) Product Code - 87147

WORLD FAMOUS HYUNDAI BRAND - WORLD FAMOUS QUALITY- Suitable for both charging and long term maintenance for vehicles in storage

Full Automatic Smart Charging & Maintaining
Digital Display with selectable charging mode
Reverse Polarity Protection
9 stage Battery Maintenance Function
Operations AC220-240V
DC 6/12V 4 Amp standard & GEL Battery Charging
5 Readout Error Codes
Battery capacity 10Ah-150Ah
Operating Temperature 0-40`C
Included very handy folding hanger
Lightweight & Compact Size
4 models to choose from 1.5 Am, 4 Amp ,8 Amp,15 Amp
Battery Charger
Clamp Connectors
Instruction Manual
WARRANTY 36 months